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Why Many Choose Body Lift in New York City

In America there is a big ratio of people that have excess body fat as some studies show and this can cause a lot of problems physically and mentally. This happens due to poor eating habits, no exercise and not being too physically active. You must act quickly if you want your weight problems to go away or it can sometimes become worse.

One method is bariatric surgery which is for weight loss. This lets you reduces the amount of food that can go into your stomach and small intestines. This is done for lessening the amount of calories taken in which results in weight loss in a short time.

Next you will have to face though is the excess skin in your body. To get rid of that you will need to undergo a certain surgical procedure which is the body lift procedure or the body sculpting. This reshapes your skin on the body and raises them.


Who to qualify for a body lift?

The ones who can have a body lift are the ones who had bariatric operation and have excess skin that needs reduction.


Preparing for a body lift procedure:

First you must have contact with our medical centers in your area. You then need to have a complete laboratory checkup that would tell if you are okay for surgery. This would let the doctor ask you several questions like if you are addicted certain kinds of drugs or are you taking in some medication and other such questions.

The surgeon will also ask you to prepare for things after the surgery like home care. You need someone to help them after the surgery because you can’t handle extreme movements for a while. You also need to have a better diet before and after the surgery. This can help you for your recovery. You also need to take note of the time and day of the surgery because you need all the time you need to prepare yourself before it.


The steps of body lift procedures:

At the Selfie Plastic Surgery we would use general anesthesia for the procedure of removal of excess skin from the body. It will not matter of the body type or how much skin you have that needs to be taken out, the doctors will still use general anesthesia. This would usually start from the back and the sides but this will depend on what the patient would want for their treatment. There is a small incision done in the navel and tightens the abdominal wall. The procedure last for 5-7 hours but it will depend on how much it is needed to remove skin. There are other procedures that could be added with this one like breast augmentation and abdominoplasty because it helps with the body lifting or body sculpting. It makes the body figure of the patient look better afterwards.


What to do during the recovery process:

There are many things to be done before you can go back to your normal lives. First you have to stay in the clinic for most of  the first day because you need to be taken care of by nurses. You will also have intravenous pain medication for taking away your discomforts. If there are any problems you should call the doctor right away before things get complicated. You might be given some painkillers to take away some pains and discomforts you got from surgery. You will have some bandages to keep for a while because they will be applied immediately after the plastic surgery. This is done to lessen the swelling. Family members are also necessary to accompany you when you go for the surgery. You need to get taken care of because you will not be able to move much after the operation. If you need a drain then it will be taken off after a few days like 5 to 7 days after the surgery. After 7 to 10 days, the stitches are removed. There is also adhesive tape to be used that keeps the wound closed and will be removed after two weeks. You also need to rest at home but a bit of walking for a few times a day can help the recovery time you have. It reduces the risk of blood clots that might appear in the legs. No extreme activities like playing sports and heavy exercises after six weeks from surgery. You must know that this is a very complex surgery hence the cautions

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