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Facelift procedures have been one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures to date because it changes everything on the face. If you wanted your face to look younger then the facelift procedure might be your only solution. Statistics prove that the natural facelift is one of the most popular facelift procedures worldwide and it has become the leading cosmetic surgical procedure today. Many of us want a solution once our faces begin to appear saggy or begins to lack the once youthful appearance.

There are many parts of the face a facelift can improve like the middle part of the face that begins to sag, the lower part of the eyelids that have creases. The same for the part of the nose that connects to the edges of the mouth. Removing the fat around the chin and jawline would reduce muscle tone.

A Rhytidectomy or the mini facelift can be used for the many signs of aging which would be seen from the forehead to the neck and at places in between these two. This is also known as the best method for reallocating fat, transposition of muscle and precisely treating excess. If properly done and with the proper medical staff you will have the face that you always wanted and without the unnecessary side effects.

Selfie Plastic Surgery Forehead Lift Procedure:

Most of us would know the first place aging shows. That would be on the brow and the forehead as what we see on the mirror. This would be apparent if the area is surrounded by excess sagging, hooded eyelids, creases in the eyelids and low heavy eyebrows. By doing this procedure you will regain back your younger forehead again.


Facelift Two Procedures- Lower Facelift and Upper Eyelids:

Blepharoplasty surgery or the eyelid procedure is a surgery that concerns the eyelids. People want to change your heavy or sagging eyelids because it bothers them sometimes so they go for this procedure. After the procedure they would look rested and younger.


Description of the mid face area:

The face has always been one of the parts of the body that anyone would look at whether they are attracted to it or just they want to be near that person. So if you want to be sociable then you should have a better looking face. Some do not have that kind of luxury when they grow old and that is why they would want a facelift surgery on the face. A round facial curve and cheeks that are full will always gain your attractiveness. The procedure of the mini face lift would readjust the sagging fat of the cheek where the cheekbone is located. This would then improve the bagginess of your lower eyelids.


Improving your Lower Face Area and Neck

The lower facelift operation would make your face appear full, smooth and positioned high on the face. Age makes it descend like it was tortured by gravity. The skin, muscles and underlying tissues will loosen up and they will go down. The operation will change that. It will also reduce your turkey neck and the smoothing of your neck curves.


The Benefits:

This procedure can give you your youth back and your self-esteem once again because you now have something to be proud of.

There are many problems solved through facelift surgery. These are the loss of the elasticity in the face, the muscle tone lessens because of your age, jawbone problems, the look of creases that is present between your mouth and the bottom of your nose and the chin and neck that would lose some curves. With new technology and better methods you would look younger with the newest facelift surgeries.


Long lasting effects:

After the surgeries, you may experience some swelling especially on the areas being operated in but that is quite normal so you need to rest. After that you will finally behold the results of the procedure and gaze upon a younger version of you. You need several things though so that you will maintain that figure. You need to have sun protection to maintain the rejuvenation. Also you would need a healthy lifestyle.


The best procedures for facelifts:

If you want only the best results then you should only get a surgical facelift. A non-surgical rejuvenation treatment will not give you the best results you always wanted. The facelift operation is intended for your own personal customization only and not for someone else’s wants.



There are some things you need to prepare before you are going under the needle. A person needs to be physically healthy so they can easily recover from the procedure. They must not smoke before the procedure since that can just make things worse. You also need to be optimistic because depression can only lead to something worse too.

Other than smoking you also need to stop drinking or any kind of abuse to your body so in other words you really need to be healthy. You also need to be peaceful. You do not need some chaotic thoughts so that you can relax your face better.


The two procedures:

There are two steps in order to complete the facelift operation. The first one would be putting you under sleep with anesthesia. You can choose from an intravenous sedation or just general anesthesia. Still you might want to just go with what the doctor recommends. Then afterwards the incision will begin. All of the basic incisions will be made and then some others to mold your face to what you wanted. You can opt for the laser incision if you like but that is more expensive than the traditional one.



Afterwards you face will be covered with a dressing so that the swelling will go down at least. There might be a tube added to drain out some fluids that may gather under your skin and you would not want that. The recovery process would last a few months, depending on what the doctor would say. After that you will feel perfectly normal.

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