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NYC Brazilian Butt Lift

A Brazilian butt lift offers the option to enhance your body and boost your assets by using natural fat from other parts of your own body. By utilizing the latest techniques, you can have a natural looking, perky, firm, and shape that many people dream of having.
Selfie Plastic Surgery now brings you the best care and treatment for lifting your bum! The Brazilian Butt Lift can leave you with that perfectly round and perky butt you’ve always wanted, with long lasting results!

Fat Transfer

The fat transfer option is often the most valuable way to get the perfect glutes you want. In fact, what the plastic surgeon will be doing is grafting your fat cells and allowing them the chance to thrive in their new location. By combining liposuction procedure with the Brazilian butt lift, you will be able to extract fat from other areas where fat is not desired, and inject it into the area of the buttocks you wish to enhance.Then, the plastic surgeon will delicately shape and lift the skin and surrounding tissue to create the perfect shape for your body. The most important detail is that almost all of the fat that removed during liposuction is preserved and can be used to give you an even more voluminous and rounded buttocks then with traditional liposuction techniques.

Where can I get the fat from?

brazilian-butt-lift-2The fat being removed from your body can come from a number of places but usually comes from areas adjacent to the buttocks such as the lower back, ‘love handles’, and inner thighs. Sometimes fat can even be taken from under the arms. This procedure requires a removal of fat from 2 to 3 areas to ensure that you have enough fat to enlarge your buttocks.

How much of the fat will stay in my buttocks?

After the fat is removed, it can be placed into the buttocks right away. Since the fat being used is your own tissue, your body will recognize your DNA, which virtually eliminates the possibility of the procedure being rejected by your body. By using your own tissue you are at a lower risk of complications when compared to buttocks implants.

Buttock Implant

In some cases, implants can be used. This is usually recommended for clients needing buttocks reconstruction, wanting a full buttocks augmentation, or for those who do not have enough fat elsewhere in their body to contribute to the butt lift

What Type of Buttocks Do You Have?

When your plastic surgeon is sculpting your buttocks during surgery they are taking into account not only your preferences but the overall buttocks shape that you currently have. By doing so this will account for a rounded and lifted buttock, which is harmonious with your body shape. It is crucial that your plastic surgeon knows the anatomy of your buttocks so he can best determine which surgical technique is best for your body. There are different shapes that need to be taken into account and generally speaking there are 4 basic types; V-shape, A-shape, the Square and the Round.


A-Type: This resembles an upside-down heart, which being the widest part of the buttocks is at the bottom. This is the most popular type that a lot of women want, as this represents the ideal hour-glass figure.

V-Shape: This type is when most of the fullness is in the hips and narrows out near the bottom of the buttocks.

Square: This is when the buttocks are rather flat in shape, and little fat is present in the waist. This type of buttocks shape can be more difficult to sculpt than the other shapes, and may require more than one fat transfer surgery.

Round: This type is basically full all-around, with fat distribution in the upper, mid and lower parts of the buttocks. The waist-hip ratio is equal with each other.

To determine which shape you are, your plastic surgeon at Selfie Plastic Surgery will look at your buttocks in 3 different sections; the upper, mid and lower portion of the buttocks. From there they will be able to determine which surgical technique will be best to give you the most voluptuous derriere!

A compression garment will be worn to protect the surgical area and keep swelling under control. The buttocks will decrease in size a bit during the recovery process, as the swelling will subside. Most patients return to work within a few days, as they have very little discomfort, bruising and pain!

Brazilian Butt Lift Q & A

Can I use a friend’s fat for Brazilian Butt Lift?

Unfortunately you can only use your own fat.Even if you used fat from another person, your own body would not recognize it and it would be destroyed.If you do not have enough fat on your body that can be used for transfer to the buttocks, then a buttocks implant would be the better option for you, or even to gain a bit more weight. Even if you used fat from another person, your own body would not recognize it and it would be destroyed.

How long do results last?

Brazilian Butt Lift, when performed through fat transfer or by a gluteal implant is long lasting unless you drastically gain or lose weight.

When will I see the final results?

You will notice the results right away, from your enhanced bum to the reduced contours of where the liposuction was performed (if you had fat transfer). There is minor swelling so keep in mind that some of the volume will decrease. Once the swelling subsides and the fat settles in you will see the final result of your fat transfer to the buttocks.

Can I sit after the surgery?

You need to wait a few weeks in order to sit directly on the buttocks for long periods of time. You will be shown by your plastic surgeon how to properly sit and lay on your side.

How do I Maintain my Butt Lift Results?

Try to keep a healthy lifestyle as much as you can. This means keeping your weight stable, so you do not gain or lose too much body fat. Just because the fat is transplanted, doesn’t mean it will not act like every other fat in the body. If you lose weight, you may lose weight from the buttocks area.

Can I Exercise After Surgery?

You do not need to worry about losing your buttocks fat if you hit the gym! Selfie plastic surgeons are skilled at locating and then extracting fat cells that are most ‘stubborn’. Many physicians refer to these stubborn fat cells as having ‘institutional memory’, and can be found in the thighs, stomach, or lower back areas. When injected into your buttocks, these fat cells will continue to act as if they are in their originating position and continue to stay strong and refuse to break down even if you go to the gym. Therefore there is no risk of reversing your Brazilian butt lift if you exercise. In fact, we promote healthy lifestyles and diets to all of our clients.

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