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The Many Perks of Butt Implants

The procedure that corrects congenital defects and deformities of the gluteal region is the buttock augmentation. This kind of augmentation can easily help your gluteus region to look better and give you a boost on your self- image. This makes your buttocks more curvaceous. At Selfie Plastic Surgery, we provide people with butt implants with the best care and best team of specialized specialists.

There are several procedures for the buttock augmentation and these are a buttock emplacement through a butt implant and liposuction that will perfect the buttocks area by correcting a particular defect or deformity of the gluteal region. Lastly, this procedure can be done on both men and women. There are different forms of implants which are round or oval shaped. For them to know if you are really qualified for the procedure they would have to do some checkups first.


Recovery Time

The procedure is a very simple cosmetic surgery actually. They would only make five to eight inches of a cut between the buttocks to form a pouch or pocket where the implant will be inserted. This will be placed between the muscles and fat to help the implant be put in place. The sutures will be absorbable ones and within the day they can go home with a special bandage which will be in place for three to five days. During the recovery time, the patient will have limited movement and they will have to rest for several days. They can only move properly on the second week. They should avoid sitting directly on the buttocks or lying on their backs. There should be some bruising and swelling and it will remain for a few days but it will disappear after some time. After a month you can go back to your normal activities.


People who can have this cosmetic procedure

Candidates should be people who are not happy with their buttock curves. Those who want to enhance their confidence are good candidates for this procedure.


Butt implants with Silicone

These implants will come in different varieties which will fit best with the patient according to their body type and goal. These implants are made of soft silicone which can give a form and would even give a smooth and natural feel. The silicone implants have been around now and many are using them because of its benefits. The implants are very soft and flexible which could give your buttocks a natural appearance but now with enhanced curves.


The process and techniques

The procedure itself is done with incisions of 2.5 mm in hidden places of the buttocks. After that then the liposuction cannulas will be introduced first to remove any excess fat from the hips which will then shape the buttocks. These fats that were removed will be then injected into the gluteal muscles. These will reach volumes ranging from slight increases to a very large one with butt implants of 500ml. There are different costs which will depend on the implant size. After that you will have a natural and elegant look.


Before the procedure

You would need to undergo some plans first with the plastic surgeon which is a realistic surgery model for the corrections of the imperfections of the gluteus. These will have different locations and will depend on where the patient wants it. They will also have to determine the type of anesthetic to be used before surgery.


The procedure itself

The patient will have to position on the operation table. The surgeons will then mark some areas to start incision. After that the liposuction will be done to remove excess fat. After that they will inject anesthesia. Then the process will begin.


After the Butt Lift Cosmetic Procedure

The surgeons will have to carefully examine the patient to ensure the best recovery. They will then inform the patients of the different processes that will be done after the surgery to ensure proper recovery.



There are risks that come with this surgery. It can give toxic reactions to anesthetic that is administered in surgery. It might also complicate the nervous system which causes numbness in the corrected areas of the buttock region. There might be infections, rupture of the implant, asymmetry, shifting of the implant and injury to the nerves or muscles.


The Results

They will have to do dieting and exercise after they recover from the surgery to perfect the procedure but that will depend on the patient. A patient who had an enlargement procedure can enjoy a more full and shaped body silhouette. As long as you are determined to do this, you will have better results coming afterward.

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