Male Chest Reduction

The Art of Gynecomastia Surgery

Male breast surgery or male Gynecomastia procedure is the operation to be used for the abnormal growth of the mammary gland in men or what they call “man boobs”.  Selfie Plastic Surgery has the best methods for breast reduction for men.

This happens because of the result of hormonal changes, illness, heredity conditions or the use of certain medications or abuse of drugs. Some are so ashamed they would avoid sexual activities or any intimate moments to hide their condition.

Inside the male hormones are androgens which are for hair growth, muscles and voice. Estrogen is the opposite which is for female. These are present in men and if this goes haywire then this will be a problem and one of them would be Gynecomastia.


What are the causes?

There are many causes of Gynecomastia which are Chemotherapy, chronic liver disease, steroid hormones, drinking too much alcohol and smoking marijuana, failure of the male hormone testosterone, radiation therapy to the testicles and side effects produced by certain drugs.

It may not be breast cancer in men but there are times that some signs are leading to such like expulsion of blood from the nipple, the breast is firm or has some hard lump and skin ulcer on the breast area.


Describing male Gynecomastia

Male Gynecomastia has several characteristics like excess fat, overdevelopment of the glandular tissue, a combination of excess fatty and glandular tissue and it might be present on one or two breasts.


Who is a good candidate for this?

The ones who can have this operation are those who already have breast development, if you are bothered by having such big breasts and you have realistic expectations from this operation. A young teen can have this but it is advised that they should not do this yet because they are still in the development stage. If this would be the last resort tho8ugh because no other medical alternatives can be done then they are candidates.



First they must be healthy so that they can recover quickly from surgery, they should have a full check up by the doctor who will operate on them and they must not smoke for 4 months prior operation.


What is to be done before the surgery?

The first thing the doctors will be doing before you go surgery is to check you out, a complete analysis which they could determine what causes it. They will also need to check out how much fat and tissue is inside so that they can decide what to do with it. They also need to take a look at your personal health history so that they can know your health background. They need that to decide if they should do surgery on you or not.


What are the two methods for treatment?

There are two techniques used for gynecomastia cure and those are liposuction and mastectomy. Liposuction usually works and it can be used anywhere in the body. First they need to sedate the patient under local anesthesia and then they will use the liposuction procedure afterwards. This is done though with small excess breasts. For the large versions though, it needs a mastectomy or a man boobs reduction. They remove all the tissue and excess skin from a cut in the lower edge of the areola.


After surgery

The patient needs to rest for a week before they can go back to their daily activities. They can seat but in a relaxed manner but they can’t do anything that needs too much effort. After two weeks most of the swelling and bruising will be gone from the skin. After a month, they can go back doing what they love to do.

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