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A Tummy tuck is also referred to as Abdominoplasty is a surgery intended to flatten and shape your midsection. At Selfie Plastic Surgery in New York City a tummy tuck can restore your confidence by bringing back a youthful shape to your body. In a basic description the surgery removes excess fat, loose skin and tightens the underlying stretched abdominal muscles, to help create tone and definition to your waistline. Since a tummy tuck addresses so many aesthetic concerns all in one procedure it can bring powerful and life changing results!


How do I know if I need a Tummy Tuck?

One of the main reasons it will be time for you to undergo a tummy tuck is when the appearance of your midsection bothers you. You may feel embarrassed, frustrated and tired by the look and feel of your stomach. It is a personal decision and should only be performed if it is right for you. If the following criteria suit you, then it may be time to contact Selfie Plastic Surgery for a free evaluation to get started:

  • Hanging, stretched abdominal skin
  • Fat around the front and sides of the abdomen, that without exercise and healthy diet is too stubborn to lose
  • Weakened and separated abdominal muscles (most likely from the result of pregnancy and/ or excessive weight gain)


What will a Tummy Tuck do for me?

  • Defined waistline
  • Removal of excess skin
  • Removal of some or all stretch marks
  • Removal of fat
  • Toned and tight abdominal muscles
  • Flat and smooth midsection


Full Tummy Tuck Surgery at Selfie Plastic Surgery

Also referred to as a Complete Tummy Tuck, this type would be considered to be the most extensive, as patients who undergo a complete tummy tuck need to have a large degree of correction performed. This type corrects all deformities of the midsection, including all loose skin, stretch marks, excess fat and separated abdominal muscles.

To start off, an incision is made horizontally from hipbone to hipbone that is positioned along the bikini line. A second incision is made around the bellybutton. The skin and tissue is separated from the muscles and this flap is then pulled upwards from the bikini line to expose the muscles underneath. These weakened and separated muscles are re-aligned by being sutured vertically together.

  • Liposuction will then be performed on the abdomen and any other area that was to be included as discussed with your plastic surgeon. Next, excess fat and skin (including stretch marks) that hang below the incision line are excised. This is where the “tuck” part comes from. An incision is now made where the new bellybutton will be located. The navel is brought up into the hole and sutured in place. The rest of the horizontal incision lines are sutured together.
  • Drainage tubes are placed in through tiny incisions located near the main horizontal incision line. Bandages and an abdominal binder will be placed on to secure and wrap the area

NYC Tummy Tuck Surgery Q&A

When Do I see the results?

Directly after surgery you will be amazed at how much more slim and contoured your waist is. Keep in mind though, that it will take several weeks (even up to a few months) for all the swelling to subside. Therefore after each passing day, the appearance of your midsection will only get better and better.

Does a tummy tuck help with stretch marks?

While the surgery is not intended to specifically remove stretch marks, but is more so for the removal of excess skin and fat. If the stretch marks happen to be on the skin that is excised, then yes they will be removed as well.

How long do the results last? Is it permanent?

The results can be life lasting, if you do not gain weight in the future, do not get pregnant and if you take care of your body. Remember that your body does change with age, and so will your appearance.

Can I go home the same day?

Yes, abdominoplasty is performed on an outpatient basis, meaning you can home the same day of your surgery.

Is Tummy Tuck painful?

Since you are put to sleep during the surgery you do not feel anything during a tummy tuck. It is a rather invasive procedure, so you will be uncomfortable for the next 1-2 weeks. Prescription pain medication is given to you. Most patients do find that the surgery was more tolerable than they anticipated.

When can I start exercising?

For the first week it will be uncomfortable to get up and move around, however after one week just walking lightly will help with the healing process. By allowing for increased blood flow, you can help reduce that amount of swelling (wearing your binder and garments will also help a lot with this too). You should only increase your pace of walking when you feel comfortable to do so. By the 6 week mark you can begin with light exercise, excluding exercise that targets the abdomen. Full exercising (back to your pre- surgery regime) including heavy weight lifting and intense exercise is about 3 months after surgery.

When Can I return back to work?

Depending on what your job entails, most patients are okay to go to work 2 weeks after if they have a desk job. For those with a more physical job, more time off work may be needed. For those that have a physical based job, a request to your employer to have you perform lift duties for a few weeks, can also be provided.

Can I combine breast surgery with my tummy tuck?

Most definitely, if you are a good candidate! This is quite common in patients, and can be referred to as a “mommy makeover”. Not only can a breast augmentation or breast lift be added, other areas of liposuction as well.

What is the Recovery like after your Surgery?

Usually 1-2 weeks are needed for recovery, as your core is affected by every movement you make. The complete healing process is longer, but most individuals are able to return to work by the 2 week mark.


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