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The plastic surgery procedure which involves reducing or removing excess fat, tissue and skin from the breast is called Breast Reduction or reduction mammoplasty. The effect of the huge load due to over-sized breasts is usually the reason why women usually sought for this surgical procedure. Physical symptoms such as back and neck pains, deep strap marks which sometimes causes breaking the skin causing irritation and infection can a be result of having disproportionately large breasts. A woman’s self-confidence and proportion is regained with the help of breast reduction.


The Benefits of Breast Reduction NYC

Unwelcome comments and attention are garnered and is a very popular subject with women who large busts. These types of problems can be fixed with the help of Breast Reduction and many women have benefitted greatly from it. Firstly, constant self-consciousness and chronic pain will be relieved. Furthermore, stretched skin, drooping breasts and enlarged areolas will be reduced. Overall, positive life changes wait to those women who sought help via Breast Reduction Surgery.


What is the length of the effect of Breast Reduction?

There should be constant size with the breast. The size and shape of every woman’s breasts might eventually alter due to aging and gravity. Other causes that can influence these include skin quality, pregnancy, weight gain and losses and lots of exercises without proper support.


The results of a Breast Reduction Surgery:

The size of large breasts changes with Breast Reduction surgery, some surrounding breast tissue is left behind with such process. The skin that is left is reshaped to make the new breast once the extra breast tissue and skin are removed. The position of the nipples is also raised.


Breast Reduction Surgery Types

Breast Reduction Surgery techniques come in different procedures. This is reliant on the size and shape of the breasts to be reduced. Most common techniques include:


Vertical Scar Technique also known as- “lollipop incision:”

Fewer scars and being less invasive is what this technique comprises of. Around the areola and down the breast, a ‘lollipop incision’ is made by the surgeon. A support structure pillar made by gathering the remaining folds and sutures the inner and outer portions of the breast which is done after removing the tissue, and moving up the nipple a few millimeters.

Women with extremely large breast lines may not get the desired results with this technique.


Horizontal Scar Technique:

Women suffering from Macromastia are the ones that are usually performed with this technique being the most invasive. Three (3) incision is what is comprises of. The first one, targets the circumference of the areola. A vertical position below the areola and extends downwards toward the lower portion of the breast is what the second one focuses upon. The last one is made horizontally under the breast and will attach with the vertical one. It is usually referred to as the anchor incision pattern or inverted T because it bares similarities to the shape of an anchor. Then, excess tissue between the nipple and the horizontal incision is removed by the surgeon while moving the nipple upward and sutures the wound. Breasts are given a more natural look which allows for greater tissue removal with this technique.


Free Nipple-Graft Technique:

Women who want to avoid scars and having complications during operation make use of this technique which loosens the volume from their breasts. The time of recovery is lessened due to less surgery performed since the nerves and blood vessels are well preserved. By liposuctioning the same amount of fat from either breast, the symmetry between the two breasts will remain.


Liposuction-Only Technique (Lipectomy:)

This technique is aimed to the women who want to lose volume from her breasts, but does not want to have the scars and the chance of complications. The nerves and blood vessels are well preserved and the time of recovery is lessened of less surgery performed.


What to do before a Breast Reduction Surgery?

Patient needs to get preoperative testing as directed which includes mammograms chest X-ray, blood tests, and other tests as needed before having a Breast Reduction Surgery performed. Furthermore, to help speed up the healing process, the patient must stop smoking one month before the procedure. Unless directed by the Doctor, any type of blood thinner such as aspirin or herbal treatments should also be stopped. Other special instruction will be discussed with the plastic surgeon as needed.

This procedure uses several techniques. Depending on the desired results of the patient, these techniques may involve the withdrawn of extra skin, tissue, and lift of the nipple. Two to five hours is what it usually takes for this operation to be done. Sedation and applying anesthesia is administered first then the surgeon proceeds to incise the area removing the excess fat and skin while placing the drainage tubes under the skin in order to drain any excess blood or fluid that may collect. After that, the elastic bandages or support bra is applied to decrease swelling and support the breasts as they heal.


Breast Reduction Recovery:

Different factors affect its recovery time. It may take a couple of weeks or a month for a full recovery. Pains and discomfort is felt after the surgery though this will be treated by the Doctor allowing for a smooth and fast recovery. How quickly the wounds heal is dependent of the length of time the dressings will be kept on. If they do not dissolve, the stitches will be removed at the clinic. It is very important to attend follow up appointments. Normal activities and when one can return to work will be advised by surgeons at  SelfiePlastic Surgery. Strenuous activities such as stretching and heavy lifting should be avoided for up to six weeks after the surgery. Doctor’s specific instructions are to be followed as it is of utmost importance.


Breast Reduction Q & A

Who is suitable for a breast reduction surgery?

Women who are looking to reduce the size of large breasts are great candidates for breast reduction surgery at Selfie Plastic Surgery. Physical discomfort felt due to large size of the breasts can be relieved through breast reduction and many women were relieved with such feeling. Before having breast reduction surgery, the breasts should already be completely developed.

Breast reduction Will it last?

Keep in mind that Breast reduction surgery should be considered permanent. However, remaining fat cells will swag and enlarge if you gain weight making it possible to change. In the event of a pregnancy, the same situation might occur since the tissues swell when storing milk. It is quite possible to gain small amounts of breast tissue back due to the consumption of hormones causing breast tissue to swell.

Can I shower right away after breast reduction surgery?

As soon as possible, our Doctors recommend patients to take a shower right away to help them feel refreshed and new while allowing them to move up and about.

Is breastfeeding an issue after breast reduction?

The type of breast reduction technique used is dependent. Milk ducts could be removed making it difficult to breastfeed if you have had a traditional breast reduction. With vertical incision reduction, some of the milk ducts will remain connected to the nipple. Breastfeeding becomes a nonexistent issue with scar-less breast reduction surgery since it has glandular and connective tissue remains untouched.

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