Are you thinking about enhancing your bum? If you’re dissatisfied with the shape and size of your behind, there are several procedures out there for you – some good and some very bad. Check out our guide to buttock augmentation, explaining the pros and cons of each procedure.

With illegal silicone injections still making headlines as vulnerable people turn to backstreet dealers to inject something that should never be injected outside of carefully controlled clinical trials, it’s important we all talk about the options and what they mean for you. Below is a guide to what you can do to enhance the size and shape of your buttocks safely and successfully.


Brazilian Butt lift NYC COST aka Fat Transfer to the Buttocks

Unwanted fat is carefully extracted from common fat deposits, like the tummy and thighs, refined and injected into the buttocks to increase the volume for a ‘natural’ boost in size. Lipo can be used to extract the fat (other fat removal procedures are available). There are more options – you can upgrade the procedure to include additional liposuction for maximum body sculpting.

Pros: More ‘natural’ as it uses your own tissue, minimally invasive with minimal downtime if Lipo  is used, permanent fat transfer, quick, very little scarring, general anaesthetic not always necessary, no overnight hospital visit required and it’s suitable for men and women

Cons: choose an established doctor or surgeon with a track record you can see so that you know the fat has a very high chance of staying in the buttocks. An inexperienced or bad doctor/surgeon will damage the fat cells during extraction and transfer so your body will just flush the fat away from the area. You will also need a top up eventually if you wish to retain the same results – perhaps after 10 years. Although the procedure is permanent the body is dynamic and changes as we age.


Not many people think of just having liposuction but your problem may not be the lack of fat or size in the area but excess fat around the buttocks. Lipo around the upper leg and buttock crease can significantly boost and shape the area. It’s often useful to discuss this option in a consultation as our doctors can also perform Fat Transfer to the Buttocks – allowing you to have a full discussion about the possibility and if you could benefit.

 Buttock Implants

Buttocks implants aren’t very popular in the US but it still gathers some, often just initial, interest. Most buttock implants are soft solid silicone polymer implants as the area is a much more animated region under more pressure. Silicone breast implants are gel silicone which helps the implants feel like normal breast tissue. As a result of the movement and pressure involved in having buttock implants shifting is more common.

However, it can be used more effectively for medical plastic surgery to correct medical issues with the buttocks. It can be the only option for some patients so loo to a good plastic surgeon who will minimize the risks and complications. It is not a popular procedure in the UK and it is not widely available, as patients prefer less invasive procedures and treatments.

Silicone Injections

Just Cons: Google the news reports about illegal silicone injections to quickly see why you shouldn’t even consider having them. The cosmetic use of injectable liquid silicone is not approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – a leading body for medical standards. Clinical trials for it are in their infant stages and none have been completed. However there are widespread reports and evidence of people permanently scarring themselves with silicone injections.

People often acquire liquid silicone by claiming it’s for retinal detachment but as the FDA have stated liquid silicone for cosmetic uses should not be used outside of controlled clinical trials. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) note that silicone should never be injected into the breasts as it cannot be removed without affecting the surrounding tissue.

Selfie Plastic Surgery in NYC

Selfie Plastic Surgery Boar certified Plastic Surgeons like Dr. Steve Fallek Has over 15 years of experience offering the latest and most advanced cosmetic treatments and procedures. We only offer procedures we believe in and only work with highly experienced and qualified medical practitioners for our fat removal and fat transfer procedures. Find out more online:

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